Triple Riding Movie Collection, Day Wise Earning & Box Collection

Triple Riding Movie Collection, Day -min

Triple Riding Movie Collection, Day Wise Earning & Box Collection The post also includes information about Day Wise Earning & Reviews and Triple Riding Movie Collection. Now read. The income from Triple Riding Movie Collection exceeds its production costs. Look here.

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Three-Movie Collection about Riding

The film Triple Riding, which was released on the 25th, is doing well financially. The film was directed by Srimahesh Gowda. Great actors like Ganesh and Mehga Shetty are featured in the film. The film is made available in Kannada.

There is a lot of drama, action, and passion. According to estimates, the triple Riding Movie Collection will bring in approximately 30 crores on the first day. The movie Triple Riding is expected to cost between 19 and 20 crores.

Triple Riding Movie Collection, Day -min
Triple Riding Movie Collection, Day -min


Sr. No.  Triple Riding Crew Names
1 Producer Ramgopal YM
2 Director And Lyricist HA Mahesh Gowda
3 Musician Sai Kartheek
4 Singer Sonu Nigam

Three-Rider Storyline

The protagonist Ram falls into Rakshita and Ramya’s trap in the story’s narrative. But then Radhika, his true love, comes into his life, and things start to change. The audience will observe Ram handle the difficult circumstance.

2022 Triple Riding Cast

Along with the rest, Ganesh is a golden star in the movie. See the list of the remaining cast members who participated in the production.
  • Ganesh
  • Vaibhav Gohil
  • Megha Shetty
  • Rachana Inder
  • Aditi Prabhudeva
  • Sadhu Kokila
  • Rangayana Raghu
  • Dingri Nagaraj
  • Kuri Prathap
  • Ravishankar Gowda
  • M.S. Umesh
The majority of the film was filmed in Bangalore and several locales in Karnataka, India.

2022 Triple Riding Day-by-Day Earning

The film presents a wide range of emotions, which all work together to make it a commercial success. The cast has thousands of supporters. The chance to see them perform is never passed up by the fans. You can see the daily earnings below.


Days  Net Collection India
Day 1 [Friday] Rs 0.34 Cr  (estimated)
Day 2 [Saturady] yet to be calculated
Day 3 [Sunday] yet to be calculated

Tri-Riding Evaluations

The critics gave the film Triple Riding three out of five stars. On the day of the release, the theatre was packed with spectators who came to see the movie.
The actors in the Triple Riding movie excel in comic timing. Another review stated that the only thing to be gained from the plot is seeing the performers perform.
The celebrities will provide a variety of entertainment for the audience.
Technical improvements might have been made to the Kannada film Triple Riding, according to one critic.
Another critic wrote that the scripts offered the actors nothing new and had to make do with the same old storylines.
Comedy-thrillers are the type of movie being shown; those who enjoy seeing them are encouraged to attend and express their opinions.
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Triple Riding Movie Collection, Day Wise Earning & Box Collection

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