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The Worst Person within the World (Norwegian: Verdens verste menneske) is a 2021 romanticblackcomedy-drama movie directed by Joachim Trier. It is the third movie within the director’s “Oslo Trilogy”, following Reprise (2006) and Oslo, August 31st (2011). The movie premiered in competitors on the 2021 Cannes Film Festival to widespread important acclaim, with Renate Reinsve successful the award for Best Actress for her efficiency within the movie  At the 94th Academy Awards, the movie was nominated for Best International Feature Film and Best Original Screenplay. The rating for the movie was written by Ola Fløttum.

Julie is a medical student in Oslo who, after having an epiphany, decides to pursue psychology and break up with her boyfriend. She then begins dating one of her professors. After going through her camera roll on her phone, she then decides to become a photographer. While out with her next boyfriend, a model, she meets Aksel Willman, an acclaimed comic artist fifteen years her senior. Despite their age gap, the two hit it off and begin a relationship.

Chapter 1: The Others

Julie, now dabbling in writing, spends a weekend with Aksel at his parents’ house. Aksel floats the idea of starting a family to Julie, but Julie says she is not ready and is unsure when she will be, especially after watching Aksel’s niece having a tantrum. Later, a drunken party ends in disaster when the wife of Aksel’s brother hits her head with a lamp, leading to a heated discussion that Aksel and Julie overhear. However, the next morning, Julie watches the couple reconcile, as well as Aksel coloring with his nephews.

The Worst Person in the World Movie

Chapter 2: Cheating

While walking home from a publishing event for Aksel, Julie crashes a wedding reception and meets Eivind, a barista. Though both are in relationships, they spend the entire night together, sharing intimacies but arguably never cheating on their significant others. They exchange only their first names and plan no further encounter.

Chapter 3: Oral Sex in the Age of #MeToo

Julie writes a blog post about feminism and oral sex. Aksel is impressed with it and encourages her to post it online, where it receives attention.

Chapter 4: Our Own Family
Julie celebrates her 30th birthday at her divorced mother’s home along with Aksel and Julie’s grandmother. Julie’s estranged father fails to attend, claiming he injured his back. Days later, Julie and Aksel visit her father. Julie asks him if he has read her article, and he claims he was unable to open the link. Julie’s teenage half-sister inadvertently reveals that Julie’s father was watching her play at a football tournament on the day of her birthday. He makes excuses to decline Aksel’s invitation to visit him and Julie in Oslo. On the way home, Aksel tells Julie she needs to make her own family.

Chapter 5: Bad Timing

While working at a bookstore, Julie encounters Eivind and his girlfriend Sunniva. Julie and Eivind talk while Sunniva waits outside. While having dinner with Aksel’s brother and sister-in-law, Aksel complains about the cinematic adaptation of his comic series Bobcat, in which his politically incorrect series is turned into a family-friendly Christmas film, leading to a complete monologue that makes Julie feel bored and ignored. Julie, feeling disillusioned, dreams that she goes on a date with Eivind, where they fall in love. Because of this, she breaks up with Aksel, but they have sex one last time before she leaves his apartment, though she implies that they could reconcile at some point.

Chapter 6: Finnmark Highlands

The history of Eivind and Sunniva’s relationship is shown. After a close encounter with a reindeer while on a camping trip, Sunniva is compelled to research her ancestry, which determines that she is 3.1% Sámi. This leads her to becoming an avid climate change and indigenous peoples’ rights activist. Eivind begins to grow exhausted with their restrictive lifestyle, at which point he encounters Julie in the bookstore.

Chapter 7: A New Chapter

Julie and Eivind move in together. Though he has since broken up with Sunniva, he still follows her on Instagram, which does not trouble Julie.

Chapter 8: Julie’s Narcissistic Circus

Eivind hosts a small party where one of his friends uncovers Eivind’s stash of psychedelic mushrooms. After consuming them, Julie envisions herself completely naked, older and with a kid at her breast, she feels vulnerable at the gaze of all her former lovers and even Bobcat who eats her child in a hot dog, then she sees her father sitting on a couch and she sits in front of him angrily throwing her bloodied tampon. When she gets up she realizes she made a mess in Eivind’s apartment. The following night, she confides in Eivind that she can be herself around him, but he seems to ignore her claims.

Chapter 9: Bobcat Wrecks Xmas

While exercising at the gym, Julie watches an NRK TV interview in which Aksel defends his Bobcat comics against a feminist critique. When the host accuses his comics of being sexist, Aksel goes into a fiery defense of his work.

Chapter 10: First Person Singular

Aksel’s brother happens upon Julie at work and discloses that Aksel has inoperable pancreatic cancer. Sometime later, Eivind comes across a short story Julie had written. When he assumes it is based on her real-life experiences, Julie angrily denies this and accuses him of being satisfied with never achieving anything in his life.

Chapter 11: Positive

Julie learns she is pregnant and delays telling Eivind. She visits Aksel in the hospital and they review their lives apart. Aksel confides that he is devastated by the prospect that he no longer has a future, and Julie admits that she is pregnant. Despite his assertions that she would be a good mother, she is unsure of whether she wants to keep the baby. Returning home, Julie finally tells Eivind about her pregnancy, and they decide to separate while she determines whether she wants to keep the child.

Chapter 12: Everything Comes to an End

Aksel takes Julie to the building where he grew up and was inspired to become an artist. He tells her that he wishes he could continue living with her and not simply live on as a memory. She later receives a voicemail from Aksel’s brother reporting that his condition has worsened and that he will likely not make it through the night. She sadly walks the streets of Oslo and watches the sunrise the following morning. While showering, Julie miscarries.


Some time later, Julie is working as an on-set photographer for a film shoot. She photographs an actress and then, gazing through a window, sees the actress outside with Eivind and a baby. She returns home to edit the day’s photos.

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the worst person in the world movie trailer

The Worst Person in the World Movie Release

MK2 Films secured a gross sales deal on the movie in February 2021.  The movie had its world premiere in competitors for the Palme d’Or on the 2021 Cannes Film Festival on 7 July.  Per week later, the movie’s US distribution rights had been bought to Neon, whereas the India, UK and Ireland rights had been acquired by Mubi.

The Worst Person within the World had its North American premiere on 11 September as a Gala Presentation on the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival. The movie was launched theatrically in France on 13 October 2021 by Memento Distribution, in Norway on 15 October 2021 by SF Studios and in Sweden on 19 November 2021 by TriArt Film.

The Worst Person in the World Movie Cast

  • Renate Reinsve as Julie
  • Anders Danielsen Lie as Aksel
  • Herbert Nordrum [no] as Eivind
  • Hans Olav Brenner [no] as Ole Magnus
  • Helene Bjørneby as Karianne
  • Vidar Sandem as Per Harald
  • Maria Grazia Di Meo as Sunniva
  • Lasse Gretland as Kristoffer
  • Karen Røise Kielland as Tone
  • Marianne Krogh [no] as Eva
  • Thea Stabell as Åse
  • Deniz Kaya as Anna
  • Eia Skjønsberg as Synne
The Worst Person in the World Movie
NorwegianVerdens verste menneske
Directed byJoachim Trier
Written byEskil VogtJoachim Trier
Produced byAndrea Berentsen OttmarThomas Robsahm
StarringRenate ReinsveAnders Danielsen LieHerbert Nordrum
CinematographyKasper Tuxen
Edited byOlivier Bugge Coutté
Music byOla Fløttum
Oslo PicturesMK ProductionsFilm i VästSnowglobeB-Reel Films
Distributed bySF Studios (Norway)Memento Distribution (France)TriArt Film (Sweden)
Release dates8 July 2021 (Cannes)13 October 2021 (France)15 October 2021 (Norway)19 November 2021 (Sweden)
Running time128 minutes
Budget€5 million
($5.6 million)
Box office$11.8 million


On the review aggregator web site Rotten Tomatoes, 96% of 221 critics’ evaluations are optimistic, with a median score of 8.7/10. The web site’s consensus reads, “The Worst Person in the World concludes Joachim Trier’s Oslo Trilogy with a romantic comedy that delightfully subverts the genre’s well-worn tropes.” Metacritic, which makes use of a weighted average, assigned the movie a rating of 90 out of 100 primarily based on 41 critics, indicating “universal acclaim”.

The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw described the movie as “one of Cannes’ best” and “an instant classic”.  Richard Lawson of Vanity Fair referred to as it “exquisite, wistful (and downright sad)”, praising the forged performances and Trier’s writing.  In his assessment for IndieWire, David Ehrlich gave the movie a grade of B and counseled Reinsve’s efficiency, stating “If Julie is less of a character than a vividly realized archetype, Reinsve didn’t get the message.”  Vanity Fair and The Atlantic declared The Worst Person within the World to be the most effective movie of 2021.

External links

External links

The Worst Person in the World Movie


AwardDate of ceremonyCategoryRecipient(s)ResultRef.
Academy Awards27 March 2022Best Original ScreenplayEskil Vogt and Joachim TrierNominated[54]
Academy Awards27 March 2022Best International Feature FilmNorwayNominated[54]
Alliance of Women Film Journalists AwardsJanuary 2022Best Breakthrough PerformanceRenate ReinsveNominated[39]
Alliance of Women Film Journalists AwardsJanuary 2022Most Daring PerformanceRenate ReinsveNominated[39]
Austin Film Critics Association11 January 2022Best International FilmThe Worst Person in the WorldNominated[44]
Belgian Film Critics Association8 January 2022Grand PrixThe Worst Person in the WorldWon[41]
British Academy Film Awards13 March 2022Best Actress in a Leading RoleRenate ReinsveNominated[52]
British Academy Film Awards13 March 2022Best Film Not in the English LanguageThe Worst Person in the WorldNominated[52]
Cannes Film Festival17 July 2021Palme d’OrJoachim TrierNominated[30]
Cannes Film Festival17 July 2021Best ActressRenate ReinsveWon[30]
César Awards25 February 2022Best Foreign FilmThe Worst Person in the WorldNominated[50]
Chicago Film Critics Association Awards15 December 2021Best Foreign Language FilmThe Worst Person in the WorldNominated[36]
Critics’ Choice Awards13 March 2022Best Foreign Language FilmThe Worst Person in the WorldNominated[51]
Dallas–Fort Worth Film Critics Association20 December 2021Best Foreign Language FilmThe Worst Person in the WorldRunner-up[38]
European Film Awards11 December 2021Best ScreenwriterJoachim TrierNominated[35]
European Film Awards11 December 2021Best ActressRenate ReinsveNominated[35]
Gotham Independent Film Awards29 November 2021Best International FeatureThe Worst Person in the WorldNominated[31]
Houston Film Critics Society Awards19 January 2022Best Foreign Language FilmThe Worst Person in the WorldNominated[47]
London Film Critics Circle Awards6 February 2022Actress of the YearRenate ReinsveNominated[49]
London Film Critics Circle Awards6 February 2022Foreign Language Film of the YearThe Worst Person in the WorldNominated[49]
Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards18 December 2021Best ActressRenate ReinsveRunner-up[37]
National Board of Review3 December 2021Top Five Foreign Language FilmsThe Worst Person in the WorldWon[32]
National Society of Film Critics8 January 2022Best ActressRenate ReinsveRunner-up[40]
National Society of Film Critics8 January 2022Best Supporting ActorAnders Danielsen LieWon[40]
New York Film Critics Circle3 December 2021Best Foreign Language FilmThe Worst Person in the WorldWon[33]
Online Film Critics Society Awards24 January 2022Best PictureThe Worst Person in the WorldNominated[48]
Online Film Critics Society Awards24 January 2022Best ActressRenate ReinsveNominated[48]
Online Film Critics Society Awards24 January 2022Best Film Not in the English LanguageThe Worst Person in the WorldNominated[48]
San Diego Film Critics Society10 January 2021Best International FilmThe Worst Person in the WorldNominated[42]
San Francisco Bay Area Film Critics Circle10 January 2022Best Foreign Language FilmThe Worst Person in the WorldNominated[43]
Satellite Awards2 April 2022Best Foreign Language FilmThe Worst Person in the WorldNominated[53]
Satellite Awards2 April 2022Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Comedy or MusicalRenate ReinsveNominated[53]
Seattle Film Critics Society17 January 2022Best Film Not in the English LanguageThe Worst Person in the WorldNominated[46]
Seattle Film Critics Society17 January 2022Best Actress in a Leading RoleRenate ReinsveNominated[46]
Toronto Film Critics Association16 January 2022Best Foreign Language FilmThe Worst Person in the WorldRunner-up[45]
Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association Awards6 December 2021Best Foreign Language FilmThe Worst Person in the WorldNominated[34]

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