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Ben Jagger’s upcoming horror mystery film Room 203 stars Francesca Xuereb and Viktoria Vinyarska. It was shot concurrently in English and Spanish.

Room 203 | Francesca Xuereb | Viktoria Vinyarska | Ben Jagger | April 15th, 2022

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The fear in this film is unavoidably derived from jump scares. However, to my delight, these jump scares don’t flood the scenes, frequently becoming a low blow once you realised in your heart of hearts that it’s meant to be a component of terror within the narrative.

I also noticed their not truly summoning a ghost in front of us. The cut hand of a worthless physicality that only options finally (NOT a spoiler) leaves us guessing about the nature of the spirit. However, the editing of the film towards the end is clumsy, revealing signs of impatience, significantly diminishing the impression on the spectators as they are about to walk out of the movie.

Room 203 is forgettable but incredibly significant due to the efforts required to become a fascinating thriller-horror drama.


Room 203 was developed and manufactured in 2020, with the film shooting in Shreveport, Louisiana in the fall of 2020 under COVID-19 security regulations. Akatsuki Entertainment, an affiliate and precursor company of AMMO Entertainment and Ammo Inc., funded the film. The main condominium setting was filmed at The Standard Downtown Lofts, a National Register of Historic Places listed building in Shreveport, over the course of 19 days. Prior to the start of production, members of the film crew discovered human remains within the building, and actress Francesca Xuereb later recounted encountering strange events throughout the production. AMMO Entertainment and Ammo Inc. completed post-production in early 2021. Voltage Pictures acquired international total revenues in June 2021. Voltage later promoted the film to patrons during the July 2021 Cannes Film Market, claiming the robust marketplace for J-horror-derived projects amongst worldwide patrons.


Vertical Entertainment secured distribution rights for a limited theatrical, home video, and video on demand debut in the United States in October 2021. The film was released in theatres and on demand on April 15, 2022, with the home video release following on June 21, 2022. Room 203 premiered on Hulu in July 2022, where it debuted in sixth place in the week’s audience rankings.

Room 203 was given theatrical releases in a few countries throughout the world. In Russia, the film debuted in the top ten at the box office, with $83,048 in its first weekend. In Lithuania, the film debuted in third place with a gap weekend gross of $14,563 and stayed in the top ten for the next month. In Poland, the film debuted in fifth place, earning $53,954 in its first week. The film was also released in theatres in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan. Malaysia, Latvia, and Bangladesh In total, the film grossed $361,497 in worldwide theatrical earnings.


The film has a 60% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based primarily on the opinions of ten critics, with a median rating of 4.90/10.

Writing for Film Threat, Alan Ng praised Room 203 for doing “an excellent job of paying homage to Asian horror” and referred to the film as “just right for avid fans of indie horror flicks.”[25] Tales of Terror’s Steve Hutchinson praised the lead performances of Xuereb and Vinyarska, while describing the film as “a drama sprinkled with horror… a sad and melancholic story, and when it’s scary, it’s carries the movie.” [27] Abbie Bernstein, writing for Assignment X, praised “great lead performances by Francesca Xuereb and Viktoria Vinyarska,” saying that “Xuereb has warmth and honesty, and Vinyarska navigates Izzy’s varied moods with skill.” [28] Room 203, according to Keri O’Shea of Warped Perspective, is “more interested in relationship-building than basic scares” and is “a well-made, often thoughtful, subdued take on the [horror] genre.” [29] In a negative review, Variety’s Owen Gleiberman criticised the film for spending too much time focusing on the real world and missing out on plenty of scares.

Room 203 Movies Cast Details

Movies NameCast Name
Room 203Francesca Xuereb
Room 203Viktoria Vinyarska
Room 203Eric Wiegand
Room 203Scott Gremillion
Room 203Rick LaCour
Room 203Quinn Nehr
Room 203Sam Coleman
Room 203Timothy McKinney
Room 203Patrick and Susan Kirton
Room 203Terry J. Nelson
Room 203Jeroen Frank Kales
Room 203Cameron Inman
Room 203Yuji Ayabe
Room 203Bria Fleming

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Room 203 Movies (2022)

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