7 Useful Windows Command Prompt tricks

7 Useful Windows

7 Useful Windows Command Prompt tricks- Some people Unknowingly refer to commands as command Prompt codes. There Exit tones of Windows command that you can use and impress your bestie.

For Example, a few of you might not be knowing how to watch Star Wars in Command Prompts. Here we are going to discuss such interesting Command Prompt tricks.

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For some people Windows Command looks like a black-white world. But the experienced users know the power of Command Prompt and use different command tricks and hacks. In this article we are going to discuss some useful Command Prompt tricks which make your Windows Command Prompt experience better.

How to use Command Prompt in Windows 10?

The users who don’t know how to use the Command Prompt, fire up the Command Prompt by typing CMD in Windows Search and Right-Click on CMD to run as Administrator. You can also open Run(Windows+R)>type cmd and press enter. If you are using Windows 10 or older versions, the method is the same to open Command Prompt.

7 Useful Windows Command Prompt tricks

  1. To Abort a Command use Ctrl+C

Any command can be stopped with the abort command: Ctrl+C.

If you have not actually executed a command, you just backspace and erase what you have typed, but if you have already executed it then you can do a Ctrl+C to stop it. Ctrl+C is not a magic wand and it can not undo things, that are not undoable.

  1. Run Command Prompts as an Administrator Automatically

you can always right-click on Command Prompt and choose Run as Administrator to run Command Prompt. But if you are a frequent Command Prompt power user just create a Command Prompt shortcut on the desktop, enter the shortcut properties and select the Run as Administrator box located in the Advanced button on the shortcut tab.

3. Customize the Command Prompt Title Bar Text

With the use of the title command you can change the Command Prompt title bar whatever you like. For example Your name is Rinki yadav and you want to express the ownership of the Command prompt. Execute this and Command Promot’s title bar will change immediately as shown in the above image.

  1. Copy Text from the command Prompt

If you want to copy a short section of clipboard you have to follow the below rules:

  1. Right-click anywhere in the Command Prompt window and choose the Mark option.
  2. Highlight with your mouse button whatever you would like to copy.
  3. Then after press Enter or right-click once.

Now you can paste the copied text where you want.

5. Shut Down or Restart Another Computer

The easiest way to shut down or restart a computer remotely is to execute shutdown/i from the Command Prompt to open the Remote Shutdown Dialog Box, as shown in the above image.

Just enter the name of the remote computer, and choose what you want to do(restart or shutdown), select some other options, and after that click OK.

  1. View Your Computer’s Important Network Information

If you want to know about your network connection is available somewhere in the Control Panel in Windows, but it is much easier to find and better organized, in the results from the ipconfig command.

Open Command Prompt and execute ipconfig/all. Everything important about your network connection: your Ip address, hostname, DHCP server, DNS information, and much more will be displayed on your screen.

7 Useful Windows
  1. Find a Website’s IP Address

If you want to find a Website’s IP Address use the nslookup command or the ping command. Just execute nslookup Gpl.com and view the result.

With the use of ping command you can find a Website’s IP Address. Execute ping ReoRanjanTech.Com and then look at the IP Address between the brackets.

7 Useful Windows Command Prompt tricks

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